About me.

My name is Zreddx, im a web designer & kinda-youtuber from Iceland. Im obsessed with canada and computers. I really enjoy playing games like Minecraft & Portal. I really like creating problems and them solving them for myself. It's a weird hobby but it seems to entertain me so who really cares. My designs are useally kept pretty simple and sometimes aren't even more than a single page (like this site). I like it that way, it keeps it nice :)

Some of my work may include such amazing sites like www.iao.is (really the only thing i have). My designs are pretty responsive relying on important ways to use css to make the page responsive without having to do much, this includes using heights & measurements relative to the size of the screen that the page is being viewed on. If you are on a desktop computer try resizing the browser window and notice how it adapts to the screen size.

Section 3.

don't actually know what to put here so this: