Hello, Im Zreddx
a web designer.
I make websites for people and companies.

About me

My name Zreddx (not in real life but who cares) and I am a web designer from Iceland. I started this web design thing as a hobby when my mom introduced me to the magic of HTML back in something like 2014. Since then i've just kept on learning more and more and now I am fully capable of making cool sites like this one whenever I want. Now when I think about it learning to make sites wasn't that hard. You really just have to put your mind to it, go on w3schools.com copy paste the "Try it yourself" codes into a blank HTML file, see what happens and figure out how the code works. Then just keep doing that and if there is ever something you really want to do just Google it (in my case i'd rather use DuckDuckGo.com because privacy but you can have your prefrences) and then copy paste the results (yes everything about web design is defeneatly all about copy pasting stuff). Also the best program to code in is Microsoft Visual Studio Code because:

  1. It makes a simple starting page when you type "html" press the arrow down key twice and hit enter
  2. It doesn't say "PLS BUY THIS PROGRAM YOU IDOT" every 20 times you save or something like Sublime text does (p.s. there is a lot of saving in coding, you can use ctrl + s to save faster.
So your'e Icelandic huh? Yup, I was born in Reykjavík in Iceland and then my parents decided to move to Belgium for 4 years and then move back to Iceland. So I was born in Iceland and raised in both Belgium and Iceland. Currently I live in Reykjavík but I thinks it's BOORING sometimes so one wants to move to some place like ya know CANADA. So anyhow you meight ask "Zreddx what is it with you and canada? Even this website uses .ca as the domain extension" and then i'd asnwer: "well see umm so they have maple syrup and sun during the summer meanwhile Iceland has neither of those so what are you complaining about."

Contact me

So if you really wanna talk to me (please do im lonely) you can just reach me through these amazing contact methods that I have set up right here:

  1. E-mail: [email protected]
  2. YouTube Messages: Click to open.
Then again you can just always leave a comment on my channel or something and that would be enough for you to reach me because I try to respond to ALL comments that I get on YouTube (btw my channel is called Zreddx just like this website, or you could just use this link to quick open my YouTube channel and get in touch right away. Anyhow your choice.